Virtual Home Selling Services in Ottawa

While it's not business as usual, if you must make a move and wonder how to safely protect yourself or your family we have the experience, systems, process and modern tools, to safely, successfully help you through any real estate transaction you need in these uncertain times.



The Tulip Team's virtual home selling system.

How do you sell a house in today’s climate?

It’s the question all the home sellers like yourself are asking in today’s market.  Le me show you how we are helping home sellers like you sell their houses, virtually and touchless, with our modern tools and processes.


1. Virtual Consultation

Our agents will set-up a virtual chat so we can preview the house, talk together about the house selling process, in today’s market, and give you the information you need to decide what the right move for you and your family is.


2. Electronic Signature of Documents

Our secure electronic signing system is certified by the Canadian Real Estate Association and complies with The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  It’s easy to use and works on most web enabled devices.


3. Remote Staging and Touchless Photography

Our home staging consultants will connect with you and tour the house on video chat then prepare a staging recommendation report for you to prepare the house for sale. While our photographers are able to touchlessly capture pictures and video of the house at its best.


4. Virtual or Touchless showings.

We offer a variety of options for completely virtual home tours for buyers and their agents.  As well as secure, limited, touchless showing times.


5. Remote Inspections

Inspectors can deliver the buyers, detailed inspection reports with photos and video of all the nooks and crannies of the home.  This service can be offered virtually or touchless as needed.


6. Remote Offer Presentations

We can receive and review offers with you remotely and sign any document needed electronically.


7. Digital Closings

Our mortgage and legal departments are able to deliver complete digital signings and closings.


Currently we are working with home sellers under a 3 pillar system.

Safety first, 

Virtual is best, 

and Case by Case sets the pace of the process.


In the current climate the safety of everyone involved is paramount.  We’ll be looking out for your safety, the safety of the home sellers, our field agents, inspectors and service providers.


Given the ability and capability all contact points in the home selling process will be delivered virtually & touchless.


More so now, every home selling experience is different.

We take each one case by case, taking into account everyone’s comfort level and situation to set the speed of the home selling process.